2022 Sleep Masks are the Future

Do you remember the sleep masks girls wore in old movies? The silky ones that said "Beauty Sleep"? Be honest, we kind of made fun of them but ashamed to admit that they're actually pretty useful. Here are our reasons why not only are sleep masks making a comeback but the modern take on them will have you ordering one for yourself and a friend.

  1. They can have Bluetooth connection - why not fall asleep to beach waves, rain or calming music? Have that playing without disturbing anyone around you.
  2. Lash extensions? No problem! Today's sleeping masks (especially ours ;) are designed to be a little bit more hollow around the eyes but more cushioned in surrounding areas to block light. The relieves pressure on the eyes overall but also leaves the lashes unbothered.
  3. It's adjustable. The thick band to wrap around your head is adjustable by Velcro. It's not string like where is can bother you, it's about a half inch and stays in place so you don't have to constantly readjust it.
  4. It's soft! it has a plush like velvety feel to it and machine washable so you can rest assured knowing that it always feel comfortable on your face while you get a good night's rest.

We wouldn't say this if this wasn't tried and true.

You can grab one here. The reviews are in and people love them! See what our customers have to say before you place an order. We can't wait for you to catch up on your beauty sleep!